Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Maz needs mana

I realized something last Friday that made playing Mazumok a lot more fun.

Mazumok had a pretty small mana pool and pretty low mana regeneration.
This meant that I was trying hard to conserve mana when playing him.
So I was using very few of my special shots and stings--so fights were basically happening on automatic, with little participation from me.
And that was not so fun.

There was another factor that was conspiring to keep Maz mana-drained: he had the Rapid Killing talent, which gives a 20% damage boost to the next shot within 20 seconds after killing a foe. So I felt a lot of pressure to plunge right into combat again without waiting for mana regeneration.

Mind you, I didn't realize that until last Friday. But realization is the first step to progress!

I respecced so that I got rid of Rapid Killing. And on hitting level 64, I got Aspect of the Viper, which dramatically improves my mana regeneration.

I'm having trouble finding gear that gives me both damage, stamina for my pet, and mana/mana regeneration, but now I have a goal to work toward.

I don't know whether my DPS has improved with these changes, but I'm enjoying playing Mazumok a lot more.
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