Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


I've made a new resolution: I'm requiring twenty minutes of exercise of myself before I log on to WoW each day.

I started this on Thursday evening, when my calves felt really tight. So I decided to get out the Gazelle exerciser and try to work myself a bit looser.

I've kept up this light regimen for a few days now.

Today, it finally caught up to me a bit--my legs weren't super-sore, but definitely sore enough that crouching called for deliberate planning. Going up the stairs to my office (in February, I managed to develop the habit of walking up the six flights of stairs) was enough of a challenge that I had to pause midway.

So I was worrying that I was going to waver in my resolve--or to put it more mildly, that I'd have to change my plans to something less daily.

But I decided to take a token walk before I sat down to play--and found enough enthusiasm to take a brisk twenty-minute walk up and down hill (flat isn't an option in my neighborhood).

I hope I can keep this up.
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