Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

After my earlier panicked message, I should post something calmer.

I managed to take care of myself through the day.

When Lori got home, I was lucid. We still felt it was a good idea to go to an urgent care center for a double-check, and then the urgent care center referred me to the ER for a more complete check. So I'm in the ER now, and I've been lucid all evening.

My own guess (I haven't seen test results yet) is that I have a minor sickness (cold, flu, or something else too minor to be precise about)--with one freaky, alarming symptom. If the tests don't say anything surprising, I'll take tomorrow off work and focus on lots of rest and liquids, on the theory that I really want to beat this thing.

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