Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

JT's Rib Shack

I've found barbecue in Pittsburgh that I like!

On Sunday, I went to JT's Rib Shack in Penn Hills. JT noticed me taking a picture of the exterior.

I ordered a ribs and chicken combo on the recommendation of the woman behind the counter, and then JT showed me around and encouraged me to take more pictures.
The menu:

JT's sign:

He opened the smoker for me to take a picture.
I asked about a pan that held barbecue but no meat. He said that it caught the drippings from the brisket.
I responded eagerly at the mention of brisket, and he he agreed with me that it was hard to get good brisket in Pittsburgh.

I went back in to wait for my food, and JT brought me in a sample of the brisket. It was tender, smoky, and luscious.

He also let me sample the filling for his recent sandwich creation, the "Oink Moo Peep": a mixture of chopped brisket, pork, and turkey, on a bed of macaroni and cheese. It was a yummy combination--I'm going to have to try the full sandwich soon.

The "Oink Moo Peep" on the left, the brisket on the right:

Another question came up: what sauce did I want? JT offered me samples of all three of his sauces. The mustard sauce was pleasantly tangy, the red sauce was vigorously spicy, and the "Chunky-Chunk" sauce was a combination of the two with jerk seasoning added. I chose the mustard sauce.

I finally got home, rolled up my sleeves and put my hair in a ponytail, and sat down to my feast.

The ribs were delicious, tender enough to slide off the bone easily, but sturdy enough to reward chewing with delicious smokey flavor.
A closeup of the ribs, to show off the smoke ring:

The grilled wings were savory and flavorful--they aren't my favorite yet, but they have convinced that there's a legitimate place for them on a barbecue menu.
The macaroni and cheese was just the way I like it, with visible hunks of cheese among the noodles, and the fried cabbage was succulent and flavorful.

I am eager to return.
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