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Ralph Melton

New England Roadtrip, July 11, part 2: Rich Farm

It's daylight; it must be time for ice cream! This stop was at Rich Farm, a dairy farm in Oxford, Connecticut.

I took a look at the menu, saw "Razzmanian Devil", and decided "that sounds intriguing, I'll have that." In retrospect, I should have sampled it first. I had expected it to be raspberry or raspberry-with-stuff; it turned out to be vanilla with a barely-tastable raspberry ribbon and bits of chocolate that overwhelmed the raspberry taste.
Note the size of this cone; this is considered a kid's cone.

Lori chose the peaches and cream ice cream, because it had been mentioned in http://www.roadfood.com/TheBest/NewEnglandIceCream/1-1202/rich-farm. The chunks of peaches were very bright orange, not the yellow-orange that I associate with peaches. It made me think of canned or frozen peaches, though I don't know anything about the treatment of the peaches besides the color. The flavor was mostly creamy, not the bright peach taste that I associate with my favorite ice cream.
This cone is a "small". We realized we didn't have a chance of eating it quickly enough to keep it from melting off the cone, so I got a dish for it before it landed on the ground.

I took this picture facing away from the ice cream stand, to try to have something obscure for the "Name that Roadfood restaurant!" forum thread. It ended up being extremely obscure; I felt a bit sheepish about how hard t was to identify.

Next up: Dottie's Diner
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