Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


On August 24, we went out to the BradleyFest at Hartwood Acres to see the Austin Lounge Lizards. BradleyFest was a charity event for the Bradley Center with the Austin Lounge Lizards, Richie Havens, and another performer whose name I cannot recall as of September 16.

We heartily enjoyed the Austin Lounge Lizards, as always. But the real high point of the day was that Lori won one of the 50/50 raffles. (I had never encountered the 50/50 raffle concept before I came to Pittsburgh. A church or other charitable organization will sell tickets for a raffle; the lucky winner gets 50% of the proceeds of ticket sales, and the other 50% goes to the charity.) So we won over $400, which was a lovely treat in our awkward financial position.

After winning the raffle, we felt a lot more enthusiastic about bidding on things in the silent auction. I won auctions on miniature golf tickets and ice cream gift certificates, and Lori got a nice moonstone necklace. Woohoo!
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