Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Record Exchange

Tonight at Record Exchange, I bought 11 CDs for $25.17:

- Industrial Madness: $5.00. A 4-cd set of various industrial music
- Cosmic Thing, by the B-52's: $2.50
- Living in Oblivion: the 80's Greatest Hits, volumes 1 and 2: $2.50 each. Not actually the greatest hits of the 80's, in my opinion.
- Kiss the Sky, by Jimi Hendrix: $2.50. I need to be exposed to cultural elements like this.
- Glam archaos: $1.00 a techno mix CD.
- Dark Sneak Love Action by Tom Tom Club: $2.50. I got to Tom Tom Club through Talking Heads. I strongly prefer Talking Heads, but I've generally enjoyed the Tom Tom Club stuff I've heard.
- and School House Rock! Rocks: $5.00. A collection of rock covers of Schoolhouse Rock songs. The only artist I previously knew was Moby, and his version of "Verb: That's What's Happening" was not my favorite song on the album. My favorite might be "Interplanet Janet" performed by Man or Astro-Man?

Albums I strongly considered but rejected:
- A compilation CD of jazz songs by famous women performers. Sadly, I can't recall the title at the moment.
- A funk collection, for the same cultural broadening effect.
- Pure Disco, which seems to have almost every disco song that I actually know, with the sole exception of "We Are Family". I don't feel a need for disco very often, but I am currently unprepared for a Disco Emergency™. This CD might fulfill all my disco needs. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to pay $16 for it, though I was willing to spend $10.
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