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Ralph Melton

GURPS Lorn, Sep-27-2002

I'm sad about being awake. I can't remember the last time I was awake at this hour.

Here's what I wrote about tonight's GURPS session. It was all one combat, and the combat isn't finished yet.

We ended the session around 11:30, but the battle was not over yet. The battle seems to be slowly turning in our favor, but we haven't downed anything yet.

This has been a very long battle, so I can't remember the course of events exactly. Instead, I'm going to go through the PCs one by one, giving bits of their history in the battle, their current status, and my tactical advice.

General layout: the wooden golems were lined up on either side of the road leading into town. There was a building on the far side of the road; it was two stories high of about 15 feet per level, and had no visible windows. The 9-foot tall metal golem was next to the door.


Carynth was one of the first to enter battle with the wooden golems. She's been hit once for 6 points of damage due to a failed block. She also was subject to a Spasm spell that made her drop her sword.

Currently, she's fighting golems 3 and 5, and has triggered her Warrior Blessing. Golem 3 has broken its sword; golem 5 has had an Armor spell cast on it that makes it nearly impervious to her attacks. (Even with the Warrior Blessing, because she's had a couple of bad rolls.)

My advice: you're doing fairly well, and holding your own, but I wish you were rolling better. (I'm sure you do too.) If the Warrior's Blessing runs out, consider switching to the metal golem and doing a feint, attack, feint, attack pattern; without Warrior's Blessing you have a fairly low chance of scratching golem 5. Under no circumstances give up your active defenses.


Merith is by Carynth's side, trying to attack golem 4 (which has previously been damaged a bit by Meat.) Even though he's triggered his Warrior's Blessing, he still doesn't have the power to do much damage. But he hasn't been hit yet, partly because he's been retreating whenever he needs to defend.

Advice: keep retreating when you need to defend; one hit from one of these wooden golems could easily take you down. It wouldn't be bad to run into the building and try to arrange some mayhem.


Klantic has been staying well back, out of sight of the battle, trying to cast Sleep on the spellcaster. It hasn't worked yet, unfortunately, though he's managed to put himself to sleep once. Morna is with him to wake him up.

Advice: Hanging back is wise--you don't want to fight these things. Could you draw a crude symbol of the spellcaster to improve your Sleep ritual?


Logan cast Shield on Meat, and Zorith cast Fly on him, so Meat is a flying unhittable engine of destruction. He started attacking golem 4, but switched to golem 1 to prevent it from hitting the Survivor. He's been hit with a magical egg that exploded into goo over his shield and parts of him, impeding his blocking, and he also had a bad moment when he was forced to drop his club because of a Spasm spell. Currently, he's floating above the heads of golems 1 and 2 (each of which he's hit once), and is also engaged with the big metal golem from above. The big metal golem seems to have a very high defense roll; Meat hasn't hit yet.

The big metal golem is exceedingly strong--it has a strength comparable to Meat's with his Warrior's Blessing. This is worrisome, because it means that one hit could make Meat go unconscious or even require death checks, and would very likely send any of the other PCs into death check territory.

Meat has not yet been hit yet; with the Shield and the height advantage, he has a mighty 20 for his Block roll. He hasn't had to use his Luck yet; in his beneficence, Kevin has given him permission to use Luck for free in his first turn in our next session.

Advice: it's time to start feinting the big metal golem before time runs out on the Warrior's Blessing. Try not to let any of the golems get behind you, because you only have a PD of 13 there. (OTOH, 13 is better than most of the party has from the front.) Maintain the height advantage to impair the defenses of the golems.


After casting a Shield on Meat, Logan cast Armor on himself. He triggered the magic coin of flight, and started flying towards the building. On his first attempt to go in the window, he got a critical failure on his "guess where the window is" roll, and managed to stun himself (though he took no damage because of the Armor). He managed to get in on his second try, though, and found the room filled with blacker-than-black darkness. A Spasm made him drop his flaming sword, but a critical success on a hearing roll let him locate two spellcasters, one near the window and one in a far corner. He charged into the one near the window, knocking it into the wall.

(One detail he's noticed: when an arm came out of the window to cast a glueball at him, he saw that the arm was scaly.)

Advice: Can you grab the thing you slammed into and throw it out the window? I'm not sure that's practical, but it would be really kewl. More practically, consider grappling it by the throat and choking it--that ought to interfere with spell-casting, at least.


Zorith flew over to the top of the building. He saw a chimney area at the top, but didn't go down. He tried to cast a Dispel Magic with his new wand on the big metal golem, but was unsuccessful. He's then backed off, and is trying to find something useful to do with the iron head of his spear.

(Side note: if Meat had recognized that the spear was blunt the previous night, he would have offered to use his Armory skill to try to sharpen it. But NBD.)

Advice: stay well out of reach of any of the golems, particularly the big metal one! OTOH, it might be worthwhile to cast Dispel Magic on the metal golem again. Another idea: you might follow the Survivor into the door and see what good you could do inside.

The Survivor:

Kevin rolled a reaction roll to see how the Survivor would react to the Flan Acar. A high roll generally indicates a friendly or compliant reaction; a low roll generally indicates a hostile reaction. Kevin rolled a natural 3--and the Survivor would have further negative modifiers to his reaction. The Survivor took off towards the building like grim death.

He managed to run fast enough to avoid getting attacked by the wooden golems, with some help from covering fire from Meat. When he got to the door, though, he found it locked. He managed to dodge two attacks from the big metal golem while he opened the lock, which was extremely fortunate. He then went inside the first floor of the building; we don't know what he's doing in there, though he's making multiple rolls.

Advice: stay the heck away from the big metal golem! This should be easy advice, because your goals are inside. I hope that your mana-dampening can suppress the darkness for Logan. If this building is like the building we experienced on the little island, it had a magical elevator--which may not work for you. Do you have a climbing rope?

The Sailor Captain and the Sailors:

The captain went after golem 6, which turned out to have an Armor cast on it. Worse, it managed to hit her with a mighty blow that reduced her to zero hit points. This made her go berzerk, and she's been attacking it with no thought for defense--but her spear can't do any damage to it. Her crewmembers are trying to help her by drawing 6's fire and doing All-Out Defenses, but things are looking very bad for her.

Advice: nothing, really--the captain is trapped by her berzerking. Make your All-Out Attacks for +2 damage; it might increase the chances of doing any good, though I'm not hopeful. If the captain goes unconscious or dies, the crewmembers should keep away from golem 6; if medicine can do anything for her, Klantic will do so after the battle.

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