Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


Saturday night, Lori, Heather, and ended up eating at Cabo, the Mexican restaurant that has replaced Cap City Diner in the Waterfront.

The food was fairly average chain Mexican food. I ordered a combination platter and promptly forgot everything that was included on it, so I am unable to name the very tasty beef-bits wrapped in tortilla that formed the highlight of the platter.

The particularly noteworthy quality of Cabo, though, was the waitstaff. The waitstaff was all fairly young, and almost all the women were very good-looking. Several of them had their T-shirts tied up in a very sexy body-hugging midriff-baring way. I felt sheepish about noticing all the sexy waitresses with Lori there beside me.

I don't know whether this was due to selection bias on the part of the people making the decisions, or just a lot of attractive young people applying for work there.
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