Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Sunday Dinner, Oct-6-2002

A simple but hearty Sunday dinner last night.

For an appetizer, we made a hot Fruit and Swiss Dip. This was easy and tasty. We'll make that again for parties.

For dinner, we made a mild Two-Bean Turkey Chili. Two grocery stores failed to oblige our search for ground turkey, so we used ground chicken instead. The chili was very nice anyway--the toasted cumin added a nice flavor.

For dessert, a berry crisp, again from one of the Pillsbury cookbooks. This too was fairly easy, and a very good mate to vanilla ice cream.

Afterwards, we played Beyond Balderdash again. It was a fairly enjoyable game, which I won by a hair.

I feel I should be more descriptive about all these things, but I'm failing to do so.
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