Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Birthday at the 1889 Cafe

Yesterday evening, we celebrated Lori's father's birthday with dinner at the 1889 Cafe on the South Side.

Dinner was really good, at a reasonable price. I had "Chicken breast stuffed with sausage and Granny Smiths, served with a brandy and sage demiglaze" with rice pilaf. The dinner tasted completely wonderful, so much so that I saved my rice to pour into the leftover demiglaze and soak up all the yummy goodness there. And this dinner was just $13.75.

(For those who care, they also had an extensive and nice seafood selection.)

Lori had made and brought a low-fat chocolate cake, and the staff was very obliging about letting her store it in the kitchen during dinner. After we had all been served, she offered slices to the staff, who all accepted it appreciatively. She even got to hear one of the staff say "the chef sends his compliments". That's a nice reversal on the usual phrase. :)
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