Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Lorn, Oct-19-2002

It was a wonderful GURPS session. It was particularly good for me as a combat wombat, but it really did have lots of Cool Moments.

There were several individual combats, without too much interaction, so I'll cover individual combats instead of individual people.

- Carynth and Merith vs. golems 3, 4, and 5:

Merith got the first kill of the combat. He rolled a critical success on a strike, with a roll triple damage, and rolled a 6 on his 1d+2 damage roll. This was enough to take out golem 4. Go Merith! (This was a Cool moment.)

Unfortunately, Merith later got a critical failure defending against a blow from golem 5. The Chaperone charm Klantic had made saved him from the blow that might have killed him, but his shield was ruined. (This too was cool.)

Carynth didn't have much success chopping at golem 5, but she had lots of success defending against golems 3 and 5. Golem 3 got a critical failure result that crippled its weapon arm, and then Golem 5 did the same thing. Then Carynth managed to get a critical success against golem 5 that crippled its leg, and then a mighty critical success for triple damage on a leg strike against golem 3, for a whopping 54 points of damage, totally severing its leg. (Cool...)
Golem 2 came over after Meat left, but Carynth made short work of it and then went back to the slow work of whittling golem 5 down past its Armor spell.

- Meat and Zorith vs. the giant metal golem and wooden golems 1 and 2:

I had planned this beginning out so carefully: on the first turn, Meat feinted at the metal golem (very well, using Luck) and shifted position to draw the wooden golems away from Carynth and Merith. On the second turn, Meat made an all-out-attack for two attacks on the metal golem. Both hit and struck true (for 18 and 11 points of damage), but the golem turned out to have a damage resistance of 11, enough to completely soak up the damage from the second attack and most of the damage from the first. (For comparison purposes for those who don't know GURPS, 11 points of damage is enough to send a normal human unconscious--so it could completely ignore a blow that would strike a normal fighter down.)

At this point, I was persuaded of Andy's argument that we couldn't effectively touch the metal golem until Zorith managed to dispel the spells on it. Meat destroyed golem 1 and started to work on golem 2 (with a bit of help from Merith) while Zorith began casting the Dispel Magic.

Unfortunately, Zorith got a bit too close, and the metal golem was programmed to attack people who cast spells on it; it made an all-out attack on Zorith. A Turn Blade spell from Zorith and the defense bonus from his altitude advantage narrowly saved him from a deadly blow from the metal golem. (One average blow from the metal golem would have put Zorith at risk of death.)

This was Meat's last turn to use the Warrior's Blessing boosting his strength before he became too tired to escape safely. But he saw the opening that the golem had made with its All-Out Attack, and he went for the gusto with another All-Out Attack pair of attacks. The first hit for more than 20 points of damage, and the second was a critical hit for double damage that ended up doing 36 points of damage--the total was just barely enough to destroy the metal golem. Woohoo! (This was a very Cool moment.)

- Logan and the Survivor inside the building:

Logan had slammed into a lizard-like thing in the previous session. It turned out that the lizard-thing had been carrying a bunch of the eggs that exploded into gobs of webbing when thrown, and they all exploded when Logan slammed into him. He was held fast, as was Logan's shield. Logan stuck an iron arrow into him just in case he was a spellcaster.

Meanwhile, the Survivor came up into the room. He ran ferociously for the Flan Acar, dispersing the darkness as he passed. The Flan Acar blinked away once, but then the Survivor managed to get a hand on him, and all his spells were dispelled. Then the Survivor stabbed him with a curare-tipped dagger, paralyzing him. In a bitter piece of revenge, the Survivor hacked off the Flan Acar's hand before killing him. (Even though this was grisly, this was Cool because it was clearly an emotionally significant moment.)

Another lizard-creature came up and threw a few tangle-eggs at Logan. Logan gave chase for a while and then let it get away, saying "carry news of this back to the Five!" Merith (who had come into the building) hit the lizard twice, but it then managed to get away.

(Later, Logan changed his mind about whether it was a good idea to let the lizard run away. Meat flew him down and hit him from behind, knocking him to the ground and making all his tangle-eggs explode. Meat peeled him off the ground and brought him back.)

- The captain, the sailors, and Klantic against golem 6:

This was a bad situation. The captain was attacking golem 6 in a berserker rage, but its Armor spell made it impossible for her to do any damage except on a critical hit. Her sailors were trying to stand by her and draw attacks from the golem.

Unfortunately, each of the sailors got hit very badly by the golem--one of them so badly that he was unconscious and near death. Captain Ianamer never fell unconscious, but she did take enough damage that she needed to make death checks.

Klantic came forward to see the battlefield, and cast a ritual to make the wooden golem take root. This was very Cool, because it was such a very druidic thing to do.

The wounded sailors backed away from the rooted golem, but the captain kept attacking. Eventually, after defeating the metal golem, Meat saw the situation and flew over at top speed to try to knock her out of the way. Unfortunately, she managed to dodge out of his way, but he came back out of the divot he made when he landed hard and managed to grapple her and pull her out of the reach of the reach of the rooted golem.

Final status, wrapup, and loot:
- None of us died, though Merith, Zorith, and Ianamer came close.
- The three sailors, Captain Ianamer, and Carynth have taken damage, particularly Ianamer.
- According to the Survivor, the Flan Acar we killed was not one of the Five, but just a lackey.
- We don't yet know what loot we might have gotten from the Flan Acar.
- The metal golem's bastard sword was detachable, and usable by Meat with a bit of armoury work. This is now Meat's favorite possession in the whole world, since it's the only big-ass sword he's ever seen. Meat might not acquire familiarity with it in the minimum 8 hours, but he's going to do his level best.
- The metal golem was mostly hollow, and the pieces could be made into armor by an expert armorer.

As we were resting, the Survivor suddenly got an intuition that the Bad Times were about to happen again, and we started seeing spirits that might be akin to what was described in the journal that led us to the Isle of Aldic. A mad dash to the tower and escape from the island might be in order.

A very good session indeed.
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