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So here's a note on a detail of my sex life that might be Too Much Information, but I'm kind of interested in information about it from people who might have a clue:

So last night, I had an orgasm. (Sorry, I'm still feeling too inhibited to provide more details there.) But just as I was about to orgasm, I got this splitting headache that really interfered with my enjoyment. Any info about what causes this?

I'm personally suspecting that it's somehow tied to caffeine. I usually consume very little caffeine, but yesterday I had had an iced tea and a Dr Pepper because I was feeling sleep-deprived and out of sorts.

And I remember a time as a teenager: for a Boy Scout event where we would need to stay up late, I had gotten a two-liter bottle of Dr Pepper. (I rarely consumed caffeine as a kid, too.) I'd also bought my first porn magazine at that Boy Scout event. So in the week or two following that, I was drinking caffeine more than usual, and masturbating more than usual--and I remember that masturbating would give me excruciating headaches, much like the one I had last night.

Ah well. I will eschew caffeine, and hopefully this will not persist.

(BTW, for those like me who were curious, the "link to body of post" was done with an <lj-cut> tag.)
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