Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Nov-5-2002

Working through journal backlog from most recent to least...

Tuesday's D&D session wasn't a piece of blazing brilliance that will shine forever in the hearts and minds of all the players. But it was perfectly adequate, and I'm not aware of any serious problems--and that's perfectly fine.

There was more roleplay in this session than in many. First, they talked more with the elf they'd rescued. In the adventure, she was just an elf commoner, but I'm trying to make elves more exotic and strange in my campaign, so I didn't want to leave her like that. Instead, I brought back a human rogue they'd met in a long-past adventure and explained that the elf had been the human, wearing a cap of disguise. I worried that this might seem too contrived, but the players seemed to like it. (Mike did point out later that she needs to have a more zesty personality, which is definitely true.)

After that, they talked with the intelligent greatclub that they had taken from the ogre. I think they got somewhat surprised by the way the greatclub presented itself. But they're still being pretty suspicious of the greatclub...

And then, combat. I was worried that the dire wolves might be too deadly for the folks with their 1d8+10 bite, but the pair of dire wolves and the weaker cub seemed like a good warmup encounter. They did manage to take Turok down once, but it wasn't really a terrifying battle--which is fine. There will be enough opportunities for challenging battles later.
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