Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Snell-Cohen Wedding

On Sunday, we went to Seth and Karen's wedding. It was a great wedding. Yay!

We started off by getting up too early and going to Squirrel Hill for Lori to get her hair done for the wedding. I went to Giant Eagle for breakfast food, there again for Diet Coke, and a third time (unsuccessfully) for a scarf for Lori's hair.

Then we road-tripped down to Baltimore without particular trouble, with lovely clear weather.

We changed into our formal clothes and made it down for the reception just in time. There we got segregated into male and female rooms.

In the room of men, it seemed that every man was drinking whiskey. I was worried about starting with whiskey so early, but I had a bit diluted heavily with water. There was much convivial conversation, which then suddenly turned into Hebrew songs. I don't know the translation, but they certainly had the sound of drinking songs.

Then a group of men grabbed Seth and danced backward with him (all still singing) to the women's room, where he was revealed to Karen.

From there, we went into the ceremony. I don't remember all of the details of the ceremony, unfortunately. (I was extremely grateful for the generous explanations provided by the program. It was a great help, and really helped me appreciate the wedding.)

The major thing I noticed about the whole wedding (including dinner) was how much fun it was. I found myself musing that my Christian heritage tends to look askance at the really fun parts of religious celebrations as secular and oogy--and that's really a shame.

At dinner, we sat with two men I knew through gaming and their wives, and we had much good conversation about gaming and marriage and many such things. Thumbs way up to Seth and Karen for the seating arrangements.

We also danced enthusiastically if not well. More fun.

What a great wedding! What an excellent wedding for Seth and Karen!
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