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Not that I'm BITTER or anything

Friday night, I prepared a long post about all that's happened in the last two weeks, including our trip to Texas to see our relatives. LiveJournal declined to post it for me because I'd posted the short 'boustrophedonically' post while composing that essay--and when I went back to change the date, the whole post had vanished.
I'm not going to bother to re-create that post unless anyone actually asks me to.

Today (Saturday), I spent large portions of the day writing a review of the Monster's Handbook by FFG. When I hit 'Post Article', LJ said 'Bad password.' And again, the article had vanished into the ether.

I am not pleased.

(I'll try to rewrite that article, I think, because I was entertaining ideas of sending it in to d20 Weekly as a review and trying to get paid for it.)
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