Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Jan-17-2002

The pre-session for GURPS was great, the session was good.

I went to Kevin's house early to do some extra combat. Meat wanted to thank the spirits for giving him his wonderful sword. However, Klantic wanted to discourage him from killing animals, and persuaded him instead that the spirits would be pleased by simply defeating an animal. So Meat wanted to go out to fight a bear--unarmed.

It was a very good fight, not least because the dice were really favoring me. I made all my rolls for finding and annoying the bear. (We weren't quite sure how one would provoke a bear to combat; most of our knowledge is along the lines of "you're probably safe, especially if you do X". But we figured that Meat would be able to reverse his knowledge of how to avoid fighting bears and provoke a combat.)

Cool bits from the combat:
- Three times the bear rushed at Meat, trying to knock him down--and every time, Meat managed to step out of the way and strike the bear from behind.
- The bear roared at Meat--and Meat roared back at it.
- At one point, I decided to strike for an all-out attack on the bear, figuring that I'd be able to do enough damage that it probably wouldn't be able to strike back well. I hit on both attacks, with a critical hit for double damage on the first attack. At that point, we roared at each other again, and the bear lost its morale and fled.

For some reason, being able to fight a bear bare-handed in this gritty GURPS game feels really heroic to me, more heroic than I've felt about many D&D combats.

(more later)
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