Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Maundering

It's been an exciting day for me D&D-wise.

I found myself thinking about a scrying attempt that Prolix is planning to try, and that led me to a lot of exciting development of the backstory of the game. I cannot write that backstory here, though--three of my players read this. But trust me, it's very cool how all the pieces fit together.

Then, I found a free adventure on the web that seems to suit my purposes. I've been having a lot of trouble finding published adventures that fit my campaign, but this one seems very promising--it has dragons and it has monsters suddenly appearing, so there are some strong connections to my campaign right there. And I like the fact that it shows a lot of concern for the PCs' ability to take on the challenges it provides. And it's by Mystic Eye Games, the folks who produced the adventure Good Food and Fine Spirits (the one set in the Crock Pot, for those in my campaign), which was one of the best published adventures I've run. (Much better than the execrable AEG adventures I've used.) And it's for 10th level characters, so it should fit just about right for the players after their next couple of adventures.

But as usual, I'm feeling behind with preparation for the next session. I need to:
- Write a letter from home for Larissa
- Write a letter from Lord Marius
- Write a description of Oakhame
- Identify the people Liandra knows in Oakhame
- Respond to Prolix's requests about spell copying
- Decide what's happening with Turok's sword
- Decide on a more sensible druid spell list

Hmm. Kyle doesn't seem to have any outstanding issues--maybe I should correct that. :-)
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