Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


We kicked off a game of D&D tonight. It was a reasonably good game, I think. You can read more about it here: ralph_dnd.

The preceding is my little way of showing that I created a community for that game, so that both I and the players could post game notes and commentary to the journal as a persistent record.

I had big plans that I could post private GM notes to that community, so that I could read them as mementos for myself, and then later I could make them non-private, so that anyone could read them.

But unfortunately, private posts by ralphmelton in the ralph_dnd journal are not showing up when I view the ralph_dnd journal as ralphmelton. And when I view as ralph_dnd, I hit the overloaded free servers and can't connect, so I can't tell whether I'll be able to read those private posts as ralph_dnd.

This could be unsatisfactory.
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