Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Feb-15-2002

Haven't journaled about a few D&D sessions. Time to mend that.

This session was an all-day D&D marathon--ten hours from when people arrived with lunch until people left. I am glad to have tried the experiment, but I think that was too much D&D; I found myself getting crabby, and forgetting things on my agenda.

High points:

- Started with Liandra and Kyle hunting a unicorn. Liandra had apparently not prepared the right spells for fighting off the displacer beasts that were hunting the unicorn. Oops. But they still won.
Kyle was really impressed by seeing the unicorn, which was really a neat bit. I'll have to figure out how to make that come up again.

- The bard Seamus had a relevant ballad to perform for them. For this ballad, I'd written some doggerel over Christmas vacation and asked my cousin Adam to put music to it and give me a recording of a performance. I had been expecting to say, "Think of this as a placeholder for a very good song, the way a plastic crown might be a substitute for a real crown"--but after I listened to it, I felt that no such disclaimer was necessary. Adam's melody was really beautiful, And he really made the song tragic and romantic--I got a lump in my throat the first two times I heard the song.
Hearing the song sent the players immediately into detective mode, which was something I'd wanted to nudge them into. And I had the bard participating as an NPC, so I was able to point out the tragic elements of the song.

- I forgot the farewell presents from Oakhame. D'oh! Maybe I can winkle it in to the next session.

- The PCs joined on with a caravan to Durgam's Folly. They were able to take out a roc in short order by immobilizing it with a rainbow pattern, then firing on it with massed crossbow fire (and spell fire).

- The day ended with a massive combat with the PCs, two significant NPCs, two sergeants, and twenty low-level warriors being attacked by 16 ogres.
This was a very exciting fight--Larissa took severe damage, Turok went unconscious, and Slade went down to -9 hit points during the fight. I was very pleased that there was a perception of significant threat, but no PCs actually died. It took a long time to play out, though.

Once again, I felt that I didn't manage much rich description (though I did manage some, and some active roleplaying). In particular, the module had good strong descriptions of the differences between the two sergeants, and I basically skipped over that. :(
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