Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Catching up

A broad post to cursorily cover several things from the past week; I've been distracted.

Sunday dinner, August 19

Lori's post covers it pretty well. It was fun to play with the new grill, and nice to get together with friends.

Menu: hamburgers, sausages, baked beans, experimental brownies
Entertainment: just talking and mastering the grill

On Monday, Lori and I went to the funeral of Lisa Stewart, a former co-worker. I didn't feel very emotional about her death; in life, I felt unwilling to let her get close emotionally. But I went to support those mourning.

The funeral was very nice flattering. I found myself hoping that my funeral would sound so nice.

Lori and I have at least partially sorted out the hair thing. I probably won't do it for another few months at least, but she agreed that it could be cool if it was appropriate.

Kidney Stone
Tuesday night, I had trouble getting comfortable as I was going to sleep. Around 1:50am, I recognized the signs of a kidney stone, and took some Vicodin left over from my last bout, and one of the anti-nausea suppositories. It didn't help enough; I ended up vomiting from the pain after using the suppository. Lori ended up calling my doctor and then taking me to the hospital on the doctor's advice.

I got pretty good treatment at the hospital; they got me into a bed and got an IV into me very promptly. I guess vomiting on the pavement before they wheeled me in probably helped increase the urgency.

They gave me Demerol, which helped immensely.

Lori was with me almost the whole time, and she got almost no sleep. Poor Lori!

We got home about 7am and I went to bed immediately; Lori was up until 9 arranging appointments for me. We both slept until 1:30 pm.
I didn't go to work that day.

The result of the appointment on Thursday:
- no blood in the urine
- the fragments I had collected by straining my urine were too small to be useful for analysis
- the X-rays show that my kidneys are full of stones
- I'm to get a spiral CT scan on Tuesday morning to see whether there are stones in the ureter, and another appointment to plan treatment after that. The only available time for the scan was 7am; this is very early for me, but it's worth waking up early for.

Lori has been a big help in all this; I am so glad she's been able to help me out so. I'm a little worried about the fact that she's going down to DC for a few days to see her aunt--but it is the right thing for her to do so; there are other people here I can call in an emergency, and there will be few other times to see her aunt.
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