Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Going to California

This journal entry was written on the plane.

I was lucky enough to get rearranged into exit row seating on the flight from Chicago to San Francisco. Yay legroom. Yay ample room to open up the laptop without bumping into the seat ahead of me.

On the other hand: I finished the reading I had brought for Apple before I landed in Chicago. I could reread the Cocoa book—but instead, I will use this 'can open the laptop' time to work on D&D preparation.

I'm excited about this D&D prep--this could be one of the major events of the second arc of the campaign, if I manage to make it neither too obvious nor too cryptic. Maybe I can find the time to distress it a bit, to make it look good too. I wonder if I can find a better way to integrate the expository and the ghoulish bits...
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