Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew

For the first day of class, I woke up bright and early at 5am through a combination of excitement and time zone shifts. After a shower and breakfast, I went down to Apple at 7am, since I didn't have anything else I wanted to do.

The security guard let me into the outer lobby of Building 1, but not into the inner lobby until I could be issued a temporary badge. At 7:30, the receptionist came in and gave me a temporary badge.

I'd been told that the class was at VG6, a 10-minute walk away. Unfortunately, I had no idea of what time the classes began, but the weather was balmy (at least by Pittsburgh standards) and I decided to stroll over there.

The receptionist knew nothing of such a class, but knew that classes did happen there. She invited me to wait in the common area until the instructor showed up.

By 8:45, no instructor had shown up. The receptionist called someone for information, and told me that the class was in the 'Achievement Conference Room' in Building 2, and that it started at 9:00. So I slung my bag on my shoulder and started to hike back to the main campus.

Now I must digress: the temporary badge I had been given did not have the spring-retractable cord of the permanent badges, and the badge readers are at waist level. When I had the badge clipped to the lapel of my polo shirt, it was rather inconvenient to have to bend over to open the door to VG6. So I clipped it to my right pocket instead.

The point of this digression: I was carrying the bag on my right shoulder. As I got back to the main campus, I discovered that although the clip was still attached to my pocket, the badge was not attached to the clip. I cursed. The time was then 9:03.

I didn't have to walk all the way back to VG6 to find the badge, only most of the way. I then clipped the badge to my shirt again and walked once more to the main campus. I bent over to show my badge to open the door to building 2.

The receptionist in Building 2 did not know of any Achievement Conference Room, and couldn't find it in the resources available to her. So she called someone, and was told that the room was in Building 1, in room D110. Fortunately, the two buildings were connected, and she gave me directions.

As I was going down the hallway and had just reached building 1, I noticed what looked like the appropriate class going on in one room--but the door said A106. I shrugged and slipped in (at 9:25) and confirmed that it was a Cocoa class. At the next break, I discovered that I was on the class list, so was sure I had come to the right place. (It turned out that D110 was associated with another door to the same room.)

It is ironic that after arriving at 7am, I was late for a 9am class in the same building.
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