Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Wednesday Short Takes

Felt sick (headachy and achy) through most of class. I'm not sure I'm getting quite enough sleep.

Realized that although I can't yet connect the iBook to the VPN, I can access Apple's internal net from the desktop system. So I was able to read my Apple mail. There wasn't much of content, but a vigorous discussion on one mailing list.

Upcoming player handout has now reached six pages. The in-character author claims he's being brief, which perhaps he is. It becomes awkward to explain how a document that long would not have been found earlier, but I will blithely overlook such concerns in order to provide more exposition. Zapfino is a beautiful font that suits the author excellently.

Left class early because I had finished the exercises and felt too grungy to try to make more work for myself. Went to the on-campus store.
The Apple t-shirts and clothing and other merchandise look really good, so good that I could cheerfully imagine wearing such merchandise. If the Apple-logo onesie said 'iBaby' on it in Garamond, I might have bought one without having a baby to put one on. Clearly I have quickly fallen under the Apple spell. (I do get various discounts on Apple merchandise, so if you want me to bring anything back, let me know.)

Currently, I'm unwinding on the hotel's patio next to the pool, using the wireless network to connect. The sky is a beautiful cloudless blue above me, and gentle breezes waft by me from time to time. This is a delightful way to enjoy myself.

Tonight, perhaps, I shall drive out for Moroccan food.
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