Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Friday morning

Another detail from Thursday morning: I saw a woman in a coffee shop who bore a strong resemblance to Marcia, my girlfriend in 1991-92. I made no attempt to initiate contact with the woman I saw.

More social, yesterday. I had lunch at BJ's (a microbrewery quite close to the Apple campus) with Yaniv and Josh from the Pittsburgh office, and Sue, Thomas, Jay, and Jay from Cupertino. The microbrew root beer was good but not overwhelming, and the grilled roast beef sandwich was very nice.

For dinner, Yaniv, Gur, Jay, Jay's girlfriend, and I went out for sushi. I was trying to argue for the Moroccan place, but sushi had already been decided upon. It was certainly good sushi, and good conversation.

This morning, I checked out of the hotel, and went to Hobee's for a last breakfast. At Eli's request, I had the banana streusel French toast sandwich. The topping of warm cherry compote was my idea, though, and if I do say so myself, it was a darn good idea. Mmm. It was all sweet, but not horribly sweet.

The class ends at about noon today. I have another lunch-with-locals planned, and then I plan perhaps some shopping:
- I'm considering returning the Creature Collection II. It has lots of nice concepts, but the CRs are just horribly wrong.
- I should visit the Apple Store and buy souvenirs.
- I'd like to visit the Learning Game store on Lori's behalf.
- I've read of a large used bookstore called Recycle Books in San Jose.

This evening, then, I plan to get together with Uncle Eric, and then to the airport to fly home.
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