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We have many things that need to be done around the house. And many of them depend on other things.

In particular, we'd like to move the sideboard that Lori's father refinished for us (another fabulous wedding present, for those counting) into its rightful position in the dining room.
To do that, we need to clean out the wedding presents currently occupying that space. Many of those presents are kitchen things, and we're running a little low on kitchen space, so we would like to build shelves in the laundry room to put those things on.
We actually have purchased the shelf pieces (Ivar from IKEA), but since these shelves are going into the laundry room, we'd like them to be waterproof. So we want to varnish the shelves before putting them up.

Lori had offered to varnish the shelves while she was at home this summer, but what with being sick and all, she hadn't gotten around to it. And now she's starting grad school, so she'll have even less time. So I proposed that we varnish the shelves on Saturday, before she left to visit her cousin.

Well, it didn't work out. We got almost all the pieces sanded (there was one cabinet that was the wrong size that we decided not to sand). But we didn't really have places to put all the pieces while we were varnishing them. We managed to spread out four of the big shelves and all the vertical pieces on newspapers and bookends on the porch, and we got the top sides of those pieces varnished--and then we ate dinner and went off to Deanna and Eli's housewarming party.

When we got home, we brought those pieces in under the porch top, and hoped it wouldn't rain and blow hard. We also reflected that it would be so much nicer if we did do two coats, instead of the single one we'd been planning; it would turn it into a really nice piece of furniture.

So today, Lori went off to DC. I puttered around for much of the day, but before dinner, I moved the pieces to the uncovered back porch and varnished the sides that had not previously been varnished.

During dinner, it started to rain suddenly. Feh. Fortunately, the varnish was mostly dry as we rushed the pieces down to the basement.

Sigh. At a rate of one-half a coat per day, it's going to take a long time to finish varnishing these shelves.
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