Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


It's been a fairly busy week. A summary:

Wednesday, April 9: Bruce's D&D game. We divided treasure, and met with the kobold queen again. All was fine, but I was spoiling for a fight, so we went off and found some dire rats. Three dire rats nearly clobbered us three 2nd-level elves, because the dice hated us badly.

Thursday, April 10: Deanna and Eli arrived in the morning. Went to dinner at Tessaro's with a large group of zephyr people.

Friday, April 11: Kevin's GURPS game. Will write more later, hopefully. It was a pretty good session--it started with exploration of the lighthouse, had productive negotiation with the shark-guy, and then combat with the underwater wights. Meat was at a big disadvantage with the underwater wights, though, and ended up getting his left arm crippled through an overconfident move. Fortunately, the crippling is almost certainly temporary.

Saturday, April 12: Spent the day with Eil. Went to the Strip in the late morning to shop for Sunday lunch. Encountered Pete and Karen downtown.
Then went to check out carnival booths. Encountered people who knew me but whose names I could not remember.
Went to 1889 Cafe for dinner--service was rather poor.
Had planned to attend Hem concert at Club Cafe, but discovered concert was sold out. Fooey.
Made lemon curd for tart late at night.

Sunday, April 13: Hosted lunch for 14 people. (Wow!) Hope to write more about this later.
Attended Seussical musical in evening. Hope to write more about this, too.

Tuesday, April 15: Sent in taxes.
D&D. Puny mop-up fights of little challenge to players. Players shredded my attempts at NPC sneakiness like wet tissue paper. This, too, I hope to write more on later.
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