Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


Our taxes were not too complex this year, but I went with the accountant because he'd saved us so much money last year.

I'd been very uncertain about our tax situation. I had earned some money as a contractor at the beginning of the year, and I should have paid estimated taxes on that, but I never did. On the other hand, I had the vague impression that I had been withholding too much as an employee. So I could have ended up owing a lot of money or getting a big return, or somewhere in between.

The result: we got a $307 refund from the federal government, and we owed $280 to the state. I am delighted by this result.

(Unlike Monica, I'd rather get a refund than owe money, because owing money is far more of a life-complicating surprise.)
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