Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Unsought Moisture

Unsought moisture is the theme of our weekend's adventures. As well as being a good name for a punk band.


We set off for our trip to Knoebel's about 6:30. We'd planned to leave about 4:30, but the usual spate of one thing and another delayed us.

The delays included a trip to KMart to replace our missing pump for the air mattress. Checking out was particularly grueling because of the difficulties of the woman ahead of me. She started by having a lot of trouble lifting her large purchases (including her karaoke machine) out of her cart, and declining my offers of help. Then, she wanted to pay with a combination of cash and a check. This involved slowly fishing crumpled bills out of her purse--and apparently she was unable either to count the cash herself or to trust the cashier to do it. Then, she had difficulty figuring out how to write the check. It turned out that it was a new account and she hadn't written a check before... and then it turned out that it was a set of starter checks, and KMart didn't accept starter checks. So the cashier offered to set her stuff aside while she went to the ATM. The woman agreed and started back into her cart... but then thought she might have enough cash to pay for it all, so she started fishing crumpled bills out of the depths of her purse again.
To add to the rantability: I don't wish to be sizeist, but I do feel that if one cannot fully zip up one's lycra stretch pants, one should consider different clothing. This sight exacerbated my impatience.

Anyway. Followed Mike's car up 28 to the intersection with I-80, ate at Pizza Hut. Swapped passengers with Mike for the rest of the drive, so Carl was riding with me. We did a whole lot of geeking about our D&D campaigns, which I found hihly satisfying.

Arrived at the campsite about 12:30. Put up our new tent. (Lori had convinced me to get a new one because there was rain in the forecast, and our tent had leaked last summer.)

Woke up after not quite enough sleep to find the air mattress rather less full than when we had gone to sleep. Foo.

Ate breakfast and went down to Knoebels. By this time, the rain had begun. Throughout the day, it varied from heavy misting to serious downpour. This put rather a damper (ha ha I crack me up) on our amusement park enjoyment.

Knoebels is a fairly neat little park. There is no admission fee, and it's possible to buy tickets to pay for your rides. I bought a $10 book of tickets and hoarded them, probably to excess.

The bumper cars were touted as "World's Best", and they really were quite nice. They were fairly fast, and they were pretty responsive, so it was possible to plan to careen into someone and to race around.

I also quite liked the merry-go-round. I had never played the catch-the-ring game on a merry-go-round before, and I had a lot of fun with that.

The food offered some different options from usual park food--lunch included locally made Italian sausage sandwiches and locally made birch beer, and dinner included wings and haluski.

We went back to the campsite in the rain that evening, and read in the car a bit before going to bed. We discovered that Lori's sweatshirt had gotten rather wet in the tent, and there were some other patches of water.


We woke up at 3:14am to the sounds of hard rain beating down on the tent. Both of us felt a need to visit the bathroom--but it wasn't a good option. We made it back to an uneasy sleep for a few more hours.

It was still raining hard by the time we felt we had to get up and get moving. We took down the tent in the rain, stowed it wet in the car without folding it off, and drove off without even staying for breakfast. We'd thought of making another visit to Knoebels in the morning, but the rain drove out that thought.

We stopped for breakfast at a Perkins in Danville. The breakfast there was extremely tasty--I really liked my Club Omelet with smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, and green onion.

As we drove west on I-80, the rain gradually ceased and turned to sun. When we met up with 28 around 2pm, we were willing to look around and explore and find some lunch.

Historic downtown Bloomsburg had no restaurants open on Sunday afternoon. However, we did find that books were $0.10 at the Goodwill store--even though the selection was poor, I found three books for which I was happy to pay a dime. We also looked through some antique stores.

We decided to take 36 southward instead of 28, because hey, I'd never been to Punxsutawney. Punxsutawney, it turned out, was not very exciting--if we hadn't needed directions, we might not have stopped at all.

On the way from Punxsutawney, though, we noticed signs for "Thee Eating Place" in nearby Smicksburg, and decided to explore that. Smicksburg is very solidly Amish country--we encountered several horse-drawn buggies on the way there.

Lori was much taken by the "Handworks" store in Smicksburg, which specializes in tools, materials, and classes on knitting, weaving, spinning, tatting, and so forth.

"Thee Eating Place" closed at 4 instead of the 5 its flyer claimed, so we didn't actually eat there. The crab cakes and quiche on the menu didn't seem very Amish to me anyway.

We continued driving homeward with an eye toward finding a place to eat that wasn't familiar to us. A detour through Ford City turned up nothing that suited. We detoured off 28 at Natrona Heights to come down Freeport Road--but we found nothing to suit us there. Finally, Lori decided that she did want to attend evening Mass, so we grabbed a drive-through meal at McDonalds.

While Lori went to church, I unpacked our wet stuff and set up our tent to dry.

Unfortunately, there was one more incident of unsought moisture left in the weekend: as we ran the first load of laundry, a wet towel slipped into the utility sink, causing it to overflow, creating a horrendous mess of water and wet cat litter in the laundry room and kitchen. (Bleah!)
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