Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Frocsalimpaco Dream

Monday night, I had a dream in which I, Corey Kosak, and an Asian woman whose name I can't remember were in a huge kitchen. The decor was much like that of Enrico's biscotti, with lots of open enameled-steel cabinets, but the room was huge, possibly the size of a large warehouse.

In the dream, I read in a cookbook a recipe that involved "peaches (or perhaps it was pineapples?) frocsalimpacoed in cream". The verb 'frocsalimpaco' appears not to exist in the waking world, and was unfamiliar to me in the dream; from context, it seemed to mean immersing the fruit in cream as it grew, so it incorporated the cream into the growing fruit.

(In the real world, there would be a million technical problems, not the least of which is the challenge of keeping the cream from getting nasty.)

The spellchecker for the web-based client has no suggestions for the word 'frocsalimpaco'.
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