Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


Over the weekend, I had the chance to read the d20 minigame Hijinx, from a back issue of Polyhedron.

Hijinx is a game emulating a particular genre: the genre of Josie and the Pussycats, Jabberjaw, and similar fine works of cartoon bands who solve mysteries for no well-articulated reason.

It looks like a hoot and a half to play if everyone has the right attitude. Some of the high points of the rules:
- classes indicate what instrument you play. For example, guitarists get like an intense broody look when they're doing a solo as one of their class features.
- character generation that allows characters to be identified as "the brainy one", "the wacky one", or "the ditzy one".
- Rules for pets: "A pet can deliver messages, chew through ropes, and fetch small items such as keys or ancient scepters. Pets also have an unerring sense of danger, and can attempt to warn their owners when something bad is happening.... Finally, a pet always knows who the villain is the moment he or she walks into the room. However, no one pays attention, so it doesn't matter."
- no combat, but a very combat-like system for winning over people with your music.
- Chase rules in which "when you decide to run, you enter a strange twilight dimension, entirely out of phase with real world topography. All bets are off regarding maps or floor plans. In fact, you might pass the same objects in the background several times."
- Rules for the 'hallway full of doors' effect, and rules for the bit where you pull out costumes and flummox the villain by appearing as manicurists or something.
- Adventure seed: "A mad scientist's hypno ray is turning thousands of teenagers into mindless drones who only want to listen to polkay music."

I want to play this with a group of like-minded people. I'm already coming up with situations and challenges.

I find myself particularly thinking of playing this with Jeliza. Perhaps we could fit in a game when we go out to Seattle...
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