Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Hijinx Jul-17-2003

I finally got a chance to play Hijinx on Thursday. Will and Blue had agreed to play, so I whipped up characters for them. Will played the sensitive croony vocalist; Blue played the wacky six-armed keyboardist. We got about halfway through my planned adventure; we had a sample concert to get familiar with the performance mechanics, and then the two went off to the spooky old house for a contrived reason and discovered the "G...g...g...GHOST!"

It was a heck of a good time. We were all really on the same wavelength, and just having a real good time.

Some of my favorite bits:

<11: Doc_Blue> Nah. A cover of the Jabber Jaws theme, with a middle vamp on the Josey and the Pussycats theme.
<Dad, his pipe dangling slack from his mouth> Ooh... Josie and the Pussycats. I wonder whatever happened to Melody... [GM]
<GM> Amanita turns her attention towards Blue. "They're toootally stealing our riff, Rictus. We do this wonderful ethereal cover of the Scooby-Doo theme..."

<GM> Blue, you open a likely-looking door... and something hairy leaps out at your face!
* Ric looks around. Jinkies.
* Doc_Blue leaps back into a ridiculously looking six-armed karate stance. "I'm warning you!"
<GM> Give me a reflex saving throw to escape, Blue.
## Doc_Blue rolled 1d20+4 = 24 (20).
<11: Bruce> He is SO saved.
<GM> Sweet. You have the mop helpless on the floor before it can make a move.
<Doc_Blue> ehem. I look around to make sure no one saw that and straighten my shades

Another thing I felt proud about: I found rules holes in the game, but I made a snap decision and went on, instead of letting the rules bog me down. For this game in particular, that was definitely a good thing.

Some rules holes we encountered:
- What's the DC of the Spot check to find targets in a concert?
- Is initiative based off of Wisdom or Dexterity?
- How does one determine the bad vibes of a generic, or another target in a concert?
- How can you restore substantial quantities of good vibes?
- What are the consequences for failing your rolls on a Complex Villain Trap?

We all had a huge amount of fun. I'm hoping to finish this up at some point to see how the chase rules work in play. (I'll have to revise the Complex Villain Trap rules a bit to compensate for the low number of people.)

And if anyone actually has a goth cover of the Scooby-Doo theme, please do let me know.
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