Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Sep-2-2003

I felt underprepared for the game as usual, but the session worked out very well IMHO. It had no combat, but lots and lots of roleplaying and exposition.

Some of the implications of high-level D&D are very challenging for me--particularly the fact that with scrying, they can now talk with anyone they want to at any time, and with teleport, they can go anywhere they want. It's just as well that we've finished the big 'discovery' campaign arc.1. And I was sort of done with wandering monsters anyway.

I had the fun of seeing the players connecting up a detail I had planned way back in early 2002. I guess I wasn't completely unprepared :-) .

Really, this session has restored a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the game for me.

Some questions for me to think about:
1) If the PCs teleport straight into the heart of Cardior, how can I give them opportunities to find out what's really going on in the War for Cardior?
2) If they enter the Emperor's chambers, what's to prevent them from looting the place bare? (Or merely getting a lot more treasure than I want them to have just yet.)
3) I've noticed one inconsistency I've allowed to slip in. How to reconcile that before it's visible to the players?

1There's still some discovery to be had, certainly, but the players can at least see most of the puzzle pieces now.
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