Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


Our social schedule is buzzing this month. Check this out:

Sunday, August 31: Lisa's graduation party
Monday, September 1: Civilization game at Kevin's
Tuesday, September 2: D&D
Friday, September 5: Pig Preparation Pre-party (about which I really ought to write)
Saturday, September 6: Pig roast and block party
Sunday, September 7: Irish Festival (also worth writing on)
Friday, September 12: GURPS
Saturday, September 13: Teri's party
Saturday, September 20: A triple combination that I'm not sure how we'll resolve:
- 4:00 another block party (for a different block)
- 5:00 the bishop's blessing of teachers, which Lori wants to attend
- 6:00 A party with Lori's friends from church
Plus, Lori's cousin is coming to town that weekend, which may complicate things even more.
Sunday, September 21: Apple company picnic.

Busy busy...
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