Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Sep-26-2003

I was badly unprepared for the usual D&D game, and Lori was gobsmacked by grading. But Kevin and Mike were inclined to play something. So I tried a hypothesis: according to arithmetic of ELs, two 8th-level PCs should be roughly equivalent to a party of 4 6th-level PCs. So I grabbed a handy issue of Dungeon and found a 6th-level adventure to run for the two of them.

The advenutre was imperfectly written (I couldn't easily figure out where doors were, and area 5 was totally missing from the map), but we had a good time anyway. The high skill levels of the PCs compared to the gnolls we were fighting allowed a lot of cinematic stunts. We particularly liked Kyle leaping onto the armored wagon while it was moving, climbing to the top without being seen or heard, and then sneak-attacking the driver from the top.

The gnoll fights were generally very one-sided, since they could only hit the PCs on a 20. But lots of fun.

I've been looking more closely at the treasure tables, and it seems that my treasure concerns about 2 Nth-level PCs being the equivalent of 4 (N-2) level PCs are more or less accurate from that superficial estimate. There are still problems of specialization, of course, but this could work well as an alternate mode of play.
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