Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


About a week ago, I finished reading the Exalted RPG. I have two simultaneous reactions:

- This is so cool! and
- How would I use this?

It's cool because it is an epic fantasy setting and ruleset that is really high-powered and makes sense. All the classic fantasy gaming tropes are present:
- exotic locations to explore
- potent artifacts to discover
- undead armies
- nasty Fair Folk encroaching at the borders of the world
- demons and elementals
- deities that might be responsive to priests
- giant monsters
- dragons
Not only are they all present, but they fit into a reasonably coherent whole. And it's all cool. Starting PCs are far far above normal people, and that's really evident, as opposed to some D&D settings where every guard is an 8th-level fighter or whatnot.

And the magical abilities seem a lot better integrated than D&D's. There are far fewer absolute effects than D&D has (no save-or-die petrification, for example). And spells like 'Death of Obsidian Butterflies' just ooze style.

Plus attention in the rules to seduction, intrigue, and manipulating bureaucracies!

This is so cool that I could imagine using Exalted for my next campaign--or at least, I could easily feel a temptation to do so.

But I'm also daunted. I'm not confident of my ability to design adventures for such high-powered PCs, and I have similar doubts about my ability to provide good tactical challenges, or the rich descriptions such RP would call for, or the complicated intrigues of the opposition...

But cor, it would be so easy to get the fever and go out and buy all the books in the line.
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