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(I'm trying to post at least once per day during October. We'll see how it goes.)

On Saturday, I donated a bunch of clothing to Goodwill as part of one of our sporadic fits of housecleaning. So I stopped in the store to see if they had anything interesting.
I picked up a copy of the game Tribond, because it looked fairly interesting, and it was $3.99. On Sunday night, then, Mike and I tried it out.

Tribond is a fairly typical trivia game. You move forward by successfully answering trivia questions, trying to be the first to the finish line. In this case, the questions are all questions of determining the common feature of three elements. One example that they give is "Ontario, Michigan, Erie", with the common feature being "Great Lakes". I have a knack for such questions, which attracted me to the game.

However, the rules for the game also include an interactive feature that's relatively uncommon for such games--there are several ways to challenge another player. In a challenge, a third party reads a question, and the first person to get the correct answer moves forward and the loser moves backwards on the track. (In the two-player game, the player attacking from the rear is considered to always win.) This is a really nice touch, because it means that there's a lot more contention and a lot more chance for an upset victory than in most non-interactive trivia games.

It was well worth the $3.99 I paid, and I look forward to playing again.
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