Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


The furnace is installed and working now. All credit goes to Lori's father; I mostly stood around and said 'I'd be happy to help...' I did participate in bleeding the air from the radiators, though, and I'll be doing that more in the days to come.

One more statistic about the change in furnaces: the new furnace consumes 114,000 BTUs (per hour? I remember the number, but not the exact units), and puts 104,000 BTUs into the house. The old furnace consumed 183,000 BTUs, and Les estimated it at about 60% efficiency. So for about the same amount of heat being produced, we're using 38% less gas in that furnace. Given that gas prices are supposed to go up, the furnace might pay for itself in one winter, almost certainly in two.
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