Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Matrix Revolutions

I saw Matrix Revolutions yesterday with Apple folks.

About ten years ago, when I was in college and having a really emphatic feminist phase, Robert Bly's book Iron John came out. I bought it, but failed to read much of it. My father borrowed it and read it, though. After reading it, he said in his most scathing tone, "I am unable to write a short paragraph summarizing what that book is about."

I mention this because I want to use that denigration against the Matrix trilogy. It certainly seems to have a lot of mystical allusions, but I haven't been able to put them together into any whole.

Today, I've been reading articles about Matrix Revolutions:

Roger Ebert more or less shares my opinion of the matrix, as does Chad Underkoffler (with spoilers).

I read this essay on Matrix Reloaded (with spoilers) today, and it gave me some interesting thoughts and insights. I'm glad I read it.

Then I read this exegesis of Matrix Reloaded (also with spoilers), and found it almost but not quite completely different. This let me return to the comfort of my smug denigration of the trilogy as incoherent.

By the way, the first essay scores between 4 and 7 out of 9 on predictions for Matrix Revolutions, depending on how you count. The second essay wrote 17 questions under the category 'things to be wrapped up in the third movie' (of which one was a joke); of those, I count about six or seven things that actually did get wrapped up.
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