Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Man, it's hard to achieve everything I want to achieve as a GM. I wonder if the Wachowski brothers consider Matrix Revolutions and have the same reaction of "That was so much cooler in my head."

Some particular issues I'm dealing with:

- The PCs have just found out about an ancient vampire, obviously an enemy they're going to have to fight. I hadn't expected them to take on the vampire immediately--but I now realize it's not very easy for them to assess the vampire's capabilities. (In D&D 3e, vampires can be of almost any Challenge Rating, just as NPCs can.) So how should the PCs know when they're able to take on the vampire? From their point of view, maybe it is the right strategy to teleport in and tackle the vampire directly.

- I've managed to create a sense of urgency for the game--I think my players do acknowledge that things are getting worse all the time. But that leads them into doing less exploration than they might otherwise, and it has them feeling that it's futile to try to fix the symptoms that they encounter, since the underlying problems are still getting worse. (Monica alluded to all that here.)
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