Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Jan-03-2004

This was a very good session. We were all on the same page about what sort of game to play, and we got a lot of nice roleplaying.

It was a more low-key session, without any combat. But there were a lot of conversations with NPCs. And there was a funeral for the Emperor and a naming ceremony for a new baby, both of which were very touching.

Mike's portrayal of Kyle was especially fabulous in this session. This unsent letter Kyle wrote is a fabulous example of Kyle's bluntness and his emotional disconnect. (For context, the letter is addressed to a girl who swooned over him in an early adventure, and who gave him her handkerchief as a token of her love. But Kyle's only mention of all that is "I have your handkerchief."

I could have been better prepared for this session with more speeches from NPCs, but I improvised them adequately. I felt pretty happy with my pacing, though--at the time we ran out of things I'd prepared, I was feeling ready to end the session.

Another good thing: Monica came up with a viable plan for rescuing the other PCs, so I don't have to fudge much to make a rescue work.

Their plan involves using a bracelet of friends to rescue the others into a magic circle against evil where a hired priest of Kord will cast break enchantment. The thought occurs to me that since Kord is a god of strength and a patron of wrestlers, the priest might like to have the crowd cheering and clapping for him. ("Let me hear you all say YEAH!") But it would be anticlimactic to describe that and then just say 'Brand then casts the spell'. I could turn it into some sort of wrestling match for Turok, but that might neglect the other players. I must ponder this further.
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