Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

First 10 tracks

Got this one from bruceb: "Set your mp3 player up to shuffle through all the tracks in your hard disk. Report what the first ten are. In my case, since I use iTunes, it was "Make a smart playlist that grabs 10 songs in AAC format." That covers the whole collection."

Winter Born (This Sacrifice) [Sacrificial Acoustic Version] -- The Crüxshadows
A Silken Barb -- Controlled Bleeding
Point Of No Return -- Centory
Young Boys -- Lords Of Acid
Dance Hall Days -- Wang Chung
Do What You Wanna Do -- Lords Of Acid
Last Dance -- The Cure Disintegration
The Power Is Mine (Coda) -- Lords Of Acid
Subsurreal -- Timeless
Saguaro -- Austin Lounge Lizards

Fairly representative, except for the overrepresentation of Lords of Acid.
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