Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Jan-30-2003

In the January 9 episode of Kevin's GURPS game, we had gotten the roleplaying side of the campaign restarted, but not the combat side. I'd enjoyed the roleplaying, but with a character who's a mute barbarian, I was looking forward to combat.

We agreed to go with the noble Erilrec to fight the dragon. (He had also enlisted two bands of mercenaries and two mages for the fight, but we believe ourselves to be more studly than the other teams.) We went off to the mesa where the dragon was supposed to reside. A bit of aerial scouting from Klantic's dove identified a hole in the top of the mesa that might be a dragon lair. As we trooped over there, we found a set of double doors in the cliff side of the mesa.

The doors were, of course, locked. And presumably barred. Meat offered to hack through them, but we were trying to be sneaky. Zorith cast a reshape spell on Carynth to permit her to mold the doors like clay.

It was a good plan, but as she was poking through the door, one of the guards behind the door stabbed her weapon hand, crippling it. Oops.

So we went to plan B; Meat broke down the door (with one stroke, since it was already weakened) and we attacked.

Logan managed to disarm his opponent with a critical success on a parry, and Meat got in a good hit on the unarmed guard. But then the guard tackled Logan barehanded, and they ended up fighting on the ground. Meanwhile, Meat (and eventually Carynth fighting left-handed) tackled the other guard.

The combat dragged on longer than expected, for a couple of reasons:
- We all perceived it as a relatively minor combat, with foes who were no match for us. (And indeed, after the first stab at Carynth, they didn't manage to damage any of us.) So Philip, Steve, and Dave were willing to twiddle their thumbs and wait for the warriors to finish the battle.
- It was the first time in a very long time that we'd fought human opponents who didn't turn off at zero hit points. And they had high HT scores, so they would stay alive and conscious on a roll of 13 or less (on 3d6, so there's an 84% chance of making the roll). So Meat could do 28 points of damage in a turn to a guard with about 13 hit points--but the guard would stay standing and fighting.

Ah well. The combats will get more exciting from here.
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