Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Mar-26-2004

On March 26, Kevin's GURPS game featured our big fight with the dragon. It was a fun battle.

The layout of the session we were working in was a large pit, hundreds of feet wide and about three hundred feet deep, with about ten feet of water at the bottom. There was a tunnel entering from the side, just above water level (through which we had entered), and a wide tunnel a quarter of the way around the circumference of the pit, about halfway up.

When the dragon attacked, we'd been using Zorith's wall-walking spell to work our way to the upper tunnel one by one. Logan and Meat (my PC) had made it to the upper tunnel, and Klantic was halfway along the wall.

Meat was the first to spot the dragon as it launched itself off the cliff wall. (In the previous session, Meat had used his Luck on a critical failure to spot the dragon and got really lucky--it turned into a critical success.) He roared an alarm and threw a javelin at the dragon in an attempt to distract its attention from Klantic, which failed entirely.

The dragon came in at Klantic, breathed fire on him, and raked him with its claws, leaving Klantic close to unconciousness. He did manage to get in a solid thrust on the dragon with his staff, though.

The dragon flew on by and turned its attention to Meat and Logan. Meat smeared dragonsbadddne on his sword and readied his sword to meet the dragon; Logan took cover behind Meat and cast armor on himself and then fly on Meat. The dragon breathed fire on Meat, who blocked it with his shield.

The dragon flew on past Meat, and Meat activated his Warrior's Blessing and struck a mighty blow at its flank. The blood on the sword bubbled and boiled as it mixed with the dragonsbane. (Kevin's said that the blow ended up doing 19 hp of damage to the dragon, out of a total 40.) The dragon screamed and flew away--Meat tried to pursue it, but the dragon was flying faster. Eventually, the dragon's druid rituals let it blur into the darkness. Meat flew back down, bitterly disappointed.

Meanwhile, Carynth had activated her flight charm and her invisibility charm, and gone up to rescue Klantic and bring him back down to the tunnel. There, the dragon used her connection through his blood on her claw to send him a terrifying vision of herself in the tunnel, threatening "leave now".

We all waited for the dragon to return to fight, but she didn't return until all our spells had run out. Darn intelligent dragon with good tactics...

So after waiting a bit, Logan, Meat, Carynth, Merith, and Zorith started exploring the upper cavern. We came to two bodies pinned to the wall on either side of the wide tunnel, holding a sign that said "We were fools".

Carynth noticed that there was a shield covered in scaly hide behind one of the corpses, and that led Meat to discover a ring on the other corpse. Both the shield and the ring revealed druidic magic to the mages. Carynth replaced her shield with the scaled shield. She asked to see the ring and took it from Meat's hand; Meat frowned, knowing her miserliness, but let her. She tried it on, discovered no immediate effects, and took it off and handed it back to Meat. Meat tucked the ring in his pouch instead of putting it on.

As we proceeded further, the dragon came back. It came flying through the center of the tunnel, too high for any of us to reach it with melee weapons. It breathed fire at Meat, who blocked with his shield again, and flew on, disappearing down a side passage. Carynth triggered her other invisibility charm, and we pursued it.

After a few moments, we saw the dragon ahead of us. We rushed forward to engage it, and saw two dragons, one ahead and one to the left, both making spellcasting gestures. It was a large mirror that was creating the illusion of a second dragon.

At that point, though, the dragon finished casting its sleep spell. Everyone but Meat fell asleep. Meat hardly noticed, though, because Carynth was invisible and everyone else was in the opposite direction from the dragon. So he charged at the dragon... and tripped over Carynth. On the plus side, this did let him discover Carynth. As he engaged the dragon, he kicked backward to wake Carynth up.

Carynth woke up fast and did one of her two great feats of the battle: she sprinkled one dose of dragonsbane on herself to further hide herself from the dragon's senses, then she readied another does and used her feathered boots to leap up to throw the dragonsbane directly into the dragon's eyes, blinding it.

At this point, the dragon took to the air to fly back further into its cave. Meat knew that he couldn't catch up to it, so he turned to wake up the other allies. Carynth, though, leapt up onto the dragon's back to press the attack.

Carynth kept harrying the dragon for quite some time. The dragon could knock her off fairly easily, but she could get back on and take a wild swing just as easily. Unfortunately, most of her successful strikes were doing only a little damage. Her life was further complicated by the discovery of just what the magic of her new scaled shield was: it started jerking randomly, distracting her from her attacks and providing no shield-ish defense.

But she managed to score her second great feat of the battle: during one of her wild swings, she managed to score a critical hit, and with lucky rolls on the critical hit table, she managed to cripple its wing. Grounding it let the other fighters join the battle, and was definitely a telling blow.

Meanwhile, Meat was waking up the allies. In his haste, he tried to wake up Logan with a solid blow, relying on the fact that Logan typically enhances his armor magically. He pulled his blow to do only 2d6 points of damage, and used the flat of his blade--but I rolled boxcars, and managed to penetrate his armor. Meat was much gentler in waking up Merith, and just nudged Zorith without hitting him at all (because Steve reminded me that Zorith had only one hit point). Meat failed to wake up Zorith with a couple of attempts, though, so he gave up and went back to fighting the dragon.

With the dragon grounded and blinded by Carynth, it was largely just a matter of time until we vanquished it, particularly since Meat was much more able to do effective damage than she was. It did manage to breathe fire painfully enough to bring Carynth down to -5 hp and risking unconsciousness--but just as the dragon was about to pronounce its death curse upon us, it fell unconscious.

We kept cutting at it until we were sure that it was truly dead. As Carynth went to cut out the dragon's heart, Meat drank its scalding blood from his cupped hands, raised his head, and bellowed, "Glorious!"--the first word he'd uttered in years.

I liked the fact that there was more than one 'star' of the fight--but I admit that it made a big difference that I was one of the stars.

Meat's next agenda will be to get Carynth to safety. Perhaps Logan can take care of looting the dragon's treasury meanwhile.
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