Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Van Helsing

So, we saw Van Helsing last weekend. I enjoyed it, because I had correctly calibrated my expectations.

The biggest weakness was, I think, the special effects--I often found myself conscious that I was looking at a CGI effect.

But the biggest bonus for me was that the heroes behaved like PCs in a roleplaying game:


- Van Helsing used his most effective vampire-hunting equipment in his first encounter with Dracula.

- When confronted with a choice between killing Dracula and learning the secrets of his past, Van Helsing chose to kill Dracula.

- Similarly, Anna went straight for killing the bride instead of playing along with her attempts to draw it out.

- And, of course, Carl took advantage of the loopholes in his moral code.

I'd be happy to have an roleplaying game that worked out as well.

(I started writing this a week ago, and only finished it now. I've been very busy with work.)
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