Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

My Loyalty Is Being Tested

I'm a reasonably slavering Crüxshadows fanboy. Certainly enough to buy any random EP that they offer, much less new albums.

But Telemetry of a Fallen Angel 2004 is testing how much of a slavering fanboy I am, because I already own a previous release of this album.

According to the Crüxshadows website, the 2004 version offers "digitally remastered sound (to clarify and expand the audio quality), new artwork, and some exciting bonuses. The booklet will be longer, in full color, with greater insight into the meaning of the disc, the elements of CXS mythology, and more." I'm having trouble deciding whether I want to pay the price of a CD for these relatively modest enhancements.

This seems to mark the exact border of my devotion.
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