Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Jul-24-04

In Saturday's GURPS game, we went through the third session of our great battle, and came out on top through excellent luck.

We started in a perilous situation, with the tide just beginning to turn in our favor.
In the front lines, the PCs Meat and Logan were facing off against Yorith and his bodyguards. Yorith was fighting with a void-black sword. Guard 1 was fighting with a spear. Guard 2 was hors de combat after a few hits from the PCs. Guard 4 was using a lot of magic, with flight, armor, and invisibility spells cast on him; he was behind the front line, starting to disengage from second-line fighters.

In the back line, there was one opponent, Wonerith, but he was doing a number on us. He had badly hurt Carynth with a strike from ambush, wounded the sleeping Klantic to the point he was risking unconsciousness, and killed Zorith when he tried to come to Klantic's aid. The NPC

But things got better.

In the back area, the exotic sorceress Jan murmured an incantation and banished all the spirits from the place; all of the combatants there woke from their enchanted sleep, lost the hallucinatory mist, and lost all their other druidic enhancements. This hurt Wonerith far more than it hurt the rest of the party. Then Wonerith rolled a critical failure and dropped his sword. This put him at a great disadvantage against Carynth and the newly awakened Survivor. He turned and leapt over the balcony down the stairs.

In the front, Logan managed to score a hit on Yorith's arm for 5 points of damage, and Meat took advantage of the opportunity to feint very well against Yorith. Meat then took advantage of the feint with a solid hit on Yorith in which I rolled 24 points of basic damage, which would have knocked him back and possibly killed him--but he had a chaperone charm that ameliorated the hit. But he dropped his black sword for a moment.

Guard 3 rolled a critical failure and had his sword turn in his hand, leaving him without any defense at all for a moment. At about the same time, guard 4 (the invisible, flying guard) attacked Meat from behind and managed to penetrate his armor and do some damage. Logan and Ailrec (an allied NPC swordsman) took advantage of that and left him hurting.

So I decided for Meat to attack Guard 4 instead. I said, "I'm going to whack him like a pinata"1 and rolled the dice. I rolled a natural 4, a critical hit. On the roll on the critical hit table, I rolled another 4: 'the attack ignores all armor and does normal damage'. So my 16 points of damage was unimpeded by armor and raised to 24 by my use of a slashing weapon--and he only had 14 hit points. He went flying across the hallway spurting blood, and went unconscious without further bothering us. W00t!2

Shortly thereafter, Logan managed to score another hit that crippled Yorith's weapon arm, and Yorith surrendered. This greatly simplified the issue of handling the less competent guards that were coming up the stairs. We managed to staunch Klantic's bleeding, loot the place a bit, and leave with Yorith as our prisoner.

1The pinata analogy was fairly apt; I was striking upward at a target I couldn't see.

2I ghoulishly asked, "Does the candy come out?"
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