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Ohio Adventures

This weekend, we went out to Columbus to visit bluelang, magentamom, and their son. It was a lovely trip; we had a very good time.


We had planned to go out on Friday evening, but it was bucketing down rain, and the weather map showed severe thunderstorms all the way to Columbus. So we decided that discretion was the better part of valor and delayed until Saturday morning. The storms cleared up by 8 or 9, and we had second thoughts about this choice.

We then had a beastly time trying to get to sleep in a room more humid than an aquarium. So we got off later than intended, with a breakfast en route, and didn't get to their house until shortly before 2pm. Oops.


For lunch, our hosts took us to BD's Mongolian Barbeque (URL http://www.bdsmongolianbarbeque.com, and boy did I do a double-take the first time I saw the URL.) I was pleased at the prospect, since I don't think I've had Mongolian Barbecue since I've come to Pittsburgh. I was even more pleased to discover that this was a very non-traditional Mongolian Barbecue place. There were lots of Western options on the menu, and all the combinations I tried ended up being extremely tasty.


In the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, Blue was kind enough to GM Adventure! for us; I had not managed to play Adventure! face-to-face before. This was fabulous fun. We all were in the same groove and willing to ham it up, and our characters were so clearly distinguished that we didn't step on each others' toes at all, and it was great.

The sharp differences between my character and Lori's really fit well with the adventure. My character was an imitation of Nick Charles from The Thin Man, and Lori's was a super-ballerina who was a crack shot with a gun and had some psychic abilities. But I didn't have a lot of combat capability, and the adventure was fairly combat-heavy. The result of this was that Lori had fairly direct ways to shine by shooting foes, and I had to look for ways to turn the battles into ways that used my social skills--and doing that really stimulated my creativity. It rocked.


Their son Indigo has become very articulate since we last saw him. (Of course, we last saw him at Christmas, so major changes over nine months aren't implausible for a three-year-old.) He's very able to express what he wants with words. This, though, leads me to the fallacy of believing that it's possible to negotiate with him. This is not as true as one might hope; he's very clear about what he wants and very unwilling to accept substitutes.

Still, we were very happy to see Indigo and enjoyed most of our time with him.


After church on Sunday, we went to Bob Evans. My previous experiences of Bob Evans had been non-delightful--not bad, just not good. But in the time since I'd last been there, Bob Evans has improved their menu substantially. The pot roast hash and the chicken cordon bleu skillet were both excellent; we will be much more likely to go to Bob Evans in the future. (The service, though, was somewhat imperfect; three of our five meals didn't have their proper components the first time they were served.)


On the drive home, we stopped to eat dinner at Schlepp's Family Restaurant in Belmont, Ohio, because it wasn't a chain. We had some concerns about the place going in, but these were proven false. My broasted chicken was crispy on the outside and very tender and flavorful inside, and Lori's roast pork was very juicy and tasty. The pies we had were both tasty and seemed homemade.


All in all, an excellent trip. We'll have to ensure that our next trip to visit them is not so long delayed.
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