Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Downloadable RSI

I caved to the temptation and bought Zuma. Some nice things happened with that purchase:
- it turned out to cost $19.95 instead or $24.95 (which really does seem to make a qualitative difference to my feelings about the purchase).
- The first time I signed in to play, it said "you have a saved game. Would you like to continue?"

It took me a long time to use up all the extra lives I'd accumulated. According to the game, I played for two hours and forty-six minutes in that one game.

It's possible, though, that I'm too good to perfectly enjoy the game--there are some indications that the game has an end, and that I'm nearly there. Ah well.

The game does have several nice features: I can start a new game at any stage that I've previously visited, so I can if I like start at stage 9 without going through the hours of play that I used to get there before then.

The game itself also seems to have several ways of being nice to people who are in trouble. For example, if you miss where you're aiming a ball, there's a good chance you'll create a pattern that you can turn into a combo that eliminates several sets of balls later. Another feature: the speed at which the balls move in challenge mode seems to work as if there's a force pushing the balls along, so it's very fast when you have only a few balls to deal with, but slower when you have many balls.

Man, this game has really taken over my head. I hear the music playing faintly, even though the game has been shut down, and I can see the text on this screen shifting back and forth like the balls do in the game.
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