Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


So, last Thursday I saw KMFDM in concert. (Alone, alas.)

The opening band was DJ Acucrack, which I didn't really enjoy very much. The best thing about that show for me: they had two Apple Powerbooks on the stage.

I had only a couple of conversations there: one was with a guy named Rich, who told me how about how his five-year-old son was a huge KMFDM fan, and could identify Sascha Konietzko from the DVD and such.

The second conversation was with a man named Bill who was extremely drunk and very surprised by his conclusion that an attendee that he had previously thought was female was actually transgendered. After several minutes of ruminating about this in my personal space, he concluded, "I guess I'd do her anyway."

So, KMFDM. I only recognized half the songs or less, which surprised me a bit, because I have about six albums in my iTunes library.
The songs I didn't recognize were hard for me to understand, and thus hard for me to appreciate.
Lucia is a female member of the band, and I must say that her appearance and her performance really fits with the fascist-poster style of KMFDM's album covers. (Gallery here).

Often, when I go to concerts like this where I can't effectively talk with anyone, I like to watch attractive women in exotic and/or goth outfits. That didn't work so well this time; there weren't so many women there, most of them were dressed fairly down (in comparison to the gothic finery of the Crüxshadows concert, at least), and those few whom I did find attractive almost all started smoking, which I found a turn-off.
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